The Baptismal Site

Today we visited the place where Jesus was baptised at Bethany beyond the Jordan. We renewed our baptism vows in the blistering heat at this, the lowest place on the earth's surface. How appropriate that Jesus should stoop literally to the lowest place on earth that he might raise us to the heights of heaven.… Continue reading The Baptismal Site


Jerash and the Jabbok River

Today we visited the massive excavation of the Graeco-Roman city of Jerash, one of the ten towns of the Decapolis where Legion took the good news of Jesus to after he was healed of many demons, according to Mark 5.20. On a blistering hot day we paused to praise and reflect in the (rather welcome)… Continue reading Jerash and the Jabbok River


Nazareth – Mary’s Well and the Church of the Annunciation

Our second day began at Mary's well, which I describe in the video. After this we visited the church of the Annunciation built over the home of the holy family. Then we visited a re-creation of a Nazareth village in the first century, which was very evocative. Here are some pictures... This bottom picture is… Continue reading Nazareth – Mary’s Well and the Church of the Annunciation