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How to do Mission Action Planning:

Prayer, process and practice (SPCK, 2016)


How to do Misson Action Planning (SPCK, 2009) was the first volume to appear on the MAP process ,at a time when it was beginning to have a significant impact. In this fully revised and expanded edition, the authors offer further critical evaluation and theological reflection as they draw on the experiences of : Canon David Banbury,  Fr Damian Feeney, Dr Stephen Hance, Linda Rayner, and the Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith.


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Making New Disciples:

Exploring the Paradoxes of Evangelism (SPCK, 2015)


Ten years on from their first book, Evangelism: Which way now? which has become a valuable and much recommended resource, Mark Ireland and Mike Booker aim to take people a step further. Making New Disciples offers a practical approach, based on careful theological reflection and years of hands-on experience in local church leadership, theological education and the national church. The book is not so much a Which? guide to the available resources, as a wrestling with the paradoxes of evangelism in a changing world, backed up with plenty of stories and specific examples.

Here are some reviews:

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Reflections for Daily Prayer:

Advent 2014 to Christ the King 2015 (Church House Publishing, 2014)


Reflections¬†for Daily Prayer is a highly valued daily Bible companion based on the Common Worship Lectionary. Each day, Monday to Saturday, some of the very best writers from across the Anglican tradition offer insightful, informed and inspiring reflections on one of the day’s readings for Morning Prayer. Their reflections will appeal to anyone who values both the companionship of daily Bible notes and the structure of the Lectionary. For every day (excluding Sundays) of the 2014/15 church year, there are full references and a quotation from the day’s set of Scripture readings, a concise but challenging commentary on the readings and a collect. In addition, the book includes a simple order for morning and night prayer, an introduction to the practice of daily prayer by Bishop John Pritchard and a guide to reading the Bible reflectively by Bishop Stephen Cottrell


How to do Mission Action Planning:

A Vision-centred Approach (SPCK, 2009)


A significant and growing number of churches are using the principles of Mission Action Planning (MAP). This volume argues the case for producing a high-quality plan, describes the practical steps involved, offers real-life examples, and provides evidence of the effectiveness of the process. It is based on research conducted in several dioceses of the Church of England – at diocesan and parish levels. ‘The ‘MAP’ process is well described by Mark Ireland and Mike Chew in this excellent book and I am enormously grateful that they have taken the time and the care to enquire more deeply both into the process and some of the outcomes now in a number of Dioceses’ (Lord Hope of Thornes KCVO



Journey: 1 (Renewing the Eucharist)


(Cantebury Press, 2008)

This first volume focuses on the basic order of service – the classic fourfold shape of gathering, word, sacrament and sending. In simple, non technical language leading writers in the field get to the heart of the matter and provide invaluable guidance to clergy, ordinands, Eucharistic ministers, study groups and individuals who wish to understand the Eucharist more fully. Subsequent volumes will focus on Engaging with Scripture, Entering into Communion, Modes and Moods of Prayer and Celebrating the Christian Year.



Evangelism in a Spiritual Age:

Communicating Faith in a Changing Culture (Explorations) (Church House Publishing, 2005)



Based on extensive research, Evangelism in a Spiritual Age takes a detailed look at the spirituality of people beyond the fringe of the Church and offers insightful responses to how the Church might address the issue of evangelism in the twenty-first century.





Evangelism – Which Way Now?:

An Evaluation of Alpha, Emmaus, Cell Church and Other Contemporary Strategies for Evangelism (Explorations) First Edition (Church House Publishing, 2003)

Mike Booker and Mark Ireland have drawn on research and practical experience to produce this guide to today’s evangelistic strategies. The book aims to help church leaders to understand the way different approaches work and to select the most appropriate evangelistic approach for the situation.






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