Evangelism, Mission, Spirituality

Inaugural post

aHere I am exploring a new technology at last. I always thought blogging was the same as bragging, only on the internet! However if you can’t beat them, join them. I am keen to use this space to interact with others who have a passion for evangelism and using every form of communication to celebrate the love of God as we encounter him in Jesus. One of the things that fascinate me at present is the way that people who don’t have any contact with church are often asking deeply spiritual questions – what happens after we die, the universe – accident or design, what about suffering? I have recently contributed to a book based on research in this area called ‘Evangelism in a Spiritual Age’.

On Saturday I shall be taking a team to Walsall town centre to staff a tent called Spirit between St. Paul’s Church and the Post Office. The aim of the tent is to provide ‘space to chill and to explore spirituality’, offering free drinks of water to passers by and inviting people in to chill. Inside the tent there will be a variety of prayer stations for people to engage with. We did something similar at the V Festival at Weston Park last August, and were amazed by the response.

JUN 15, 2006


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