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Back from the Desert!

This is me on top of a rock in the Sinai desert last week, where we had an unforgettable trek and pilgrimage. Over 5 days of solid trek


king we climbed all the highest peaks in the Sinai mountains, and hardly saw another living being until the final day when we climbed Mt Sinai itself. On the first night we slept out under the stars, even though the temperature was well below zero and I had frost on my sleeping bag. Each morning we had a bible study together, looking at passages of Scripture more or less in the places where they happened.

Near the top of Mount Sinai we shared Holy Communion as the dawn broke, and then finished our climb before reading the Ten Commandments and meditating on them at the summit. On the way down we visited St. Catherine’s sinai_2007_077Monastery, where one of the 24 monks gave us a private tour of the library, which contains some of the most precious ancient manuscripts in the world.

APR 04, 2007

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